Spirit To Serve

It's time to make a BIG difference in the New Orleans community. Register now for your preferred Spirit to Serve activity.

With 39 different events and organizations to choose from, you can find an activity that matches your passion. Activities are sorted by both the type of organization and the amount of physicality required. If sorting criteria is selected, only those organizations/activities meeting the qualifications will appear.  At that time, you’ll have an opportunity to review more information on the organization as well as  on the activities planned. For example, select “highly physical” if you are interested in things like painting, landscaping, site clearing, etc. and then identify what type of organization you’d most like to support:  groups focused on education, environmental sustainability or neighborhood revitalization. If you are looking for something less physical, you may look to recycle Mardi Gras beads or pack disaster kits at the convention center. The choice is yours. Activities have maximum capacities and will be filled on a first come basis.